The Queen of Winter

In the winter

No king rules

Only her

The ice queen

She doesn’t come with the cold

She is the cold it self

She is the sovereign

And has no end

She doesn’t need a throne

Or a crown

She doesn’t need a army

Or allies

She is the shiver that comes

With the wint that foretoken the winter

She is the fear that comes

When the fire can’t bring the heat

She is the scream that comes with the night

Her soul is dark as the feathers of a crow

Her heart is made of ice

And the blue in her eyes

Is the coldest thing you will ever see

She has no mercy

No fear, no hesitation

She doesn’t choose her enemies

She is indifferent, ruthless and unforgiving

She is the mother of the wolves

Sister of the moon

Lady of the winter

Ruler of the snow

Many has fight against her

But no one could ever beat her power

Some pray for the Gods

Others try to hide

She lives among gods and monsters

But doesn’t suit in anyone

The lady can give war or peace

And all the living beings bow down to her

Composição: G. V. e F. E. B.

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